Short Bio

Nádia Duvall, b. 1986, is Luso-Algerian, from an early age her dentity and biography became the core of her work.
Duvall graduated in Fine Arts (Painting) from Caldas da Rainha´s College of Arts and Design (Portugal) in 2008 and finnished her MA in Painting at the Lisbon´s Faculty of Fine Arts (Portugal) in 2018.
Duvall has already held several solo shows and collective exhibitions in Berlin, Porto Santo, Builgaria, Madrid, Italy and Shanghai.
In 2008 she was awarded the BANIF PAINTING REVELATION PRIZE, chaired by important critics and art historians. In 2010 she was awarded a nine months Scholarship from Ciência Viva and Direcção Geral das Artes (Ministry of Culture, Portugal). During that period she developed the concept and quimical formulas for her SKINS and membranes of ink produced inside a swimming pool (called the WOMB). This set the basis for all her work since 2005. In 2016 the artist won the PRIZE Jovens Criadores (Young Creators) from Centro Nacional da Cultura (National Center for Culture, Portugal) with a project regarding Mental-Prosthetics called TITHEMI. That same year, she was selected for the PAULA REGO AWARD, culminating with an exhibition at Casa das Histórias Museum, Cascais. In 2017 the performance called “The process” (avaiable online) was selected for the Performance Festival SOFIA UNDERGROUND in Bulgaria.
*The Skin, the Feminine, Eroticism, Heteronomy, Womanhood, God, Life and Death are some of the themes that Duvall pursues in her video, performance, drawing, installation, ready-made and photography work, whitch she merges in a sublime hybridism.


2018 - ABALO - the first, MUTE Gallery, Lisbon.
2018 - ABALO - the second, FOCO Gallery, Lisbon.
2016- CAVE # 0 - installation and work-in-progress in open studio, Lisbon.
2015-VISGRAAT, António Prates Gallery, Lisbon.
2014-ONI TORI, Cultural Space Manteigaria, Lisbon.
2012- FALLING TREES, Valbom Gallery, Lisbon
2010- STIGMATA, Reynolds Palace, Estremoz, Portugal.
2009- TEGUMENTOS, Intercultural Space of Codola, Salerno, Italy.
2008 - UNTITLED, VPF Plataforma Revolver, Rock Gallery, Lisbon.


2018 - Soft Water on hard stone, Geologic Museum.
2018 - Earth Essay, with the installation "Mother of Millions", Colective Group "Humor Líquido", Council Gallery, Montemor-O-Novo.
2018 - The Moving North, Colective Group "Humor Líquido", Maxilla Gallery, London.
2017 - Performance “The Process”, Festival SOFIA UNDERGROUND, Bulgaria (April 24-29)
2016 - "Boderline", Space Desterro, Martin Moniz
2016 - Prize “Infante D. Luís às Artes”, City Hall of Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal
2016 - “Paula Rego Drawing Prize”, Casa das Histórias Museum, Cascais.
2016 - Performance "THE PROCESS" at the event Acción x m3, La Juan Gallery, Madrid.
2015 - "Between the South and the West - Portuguese Art of Today", Project Imago Mundi of the Benetton Foundation, Center of Contemporary Art of Malaga, Spain
2013 - "MAP PROJECTS", Camões Library, Lisbon 2011 "Contemporary Art Fair", Valbom Gallery, Lisbon
2011 - Performance "Les Ants" at the IV International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Porto Santo
2011 - 90-10- Exhibition 20 years ESAD, Edifício XXI, Lisbon
2009 - "Festival Feministizarte", Umar Group, Nogueira da Silva Museum, Braga, Portugal.
2009 - III Biennial of Contemporary Art of Porto Santo, Madeira.
2009 - "ARTVILNIUS'09", International Contemporary Art Fair, ArtHobler Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2008 - Base PXO, Convent of Christ, Tomar, Portugal
2008 - "Exhibition of Finalists 08", ESAD, Caldas da Rainha
2008 - 3rd Edition of the BANIF Painting Prize, "REVELATION and CONSECRATION", National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon 2008-Base PXO, National Pantheon, Lisbon, Portugal.
2007 - II Biennial of Contemporary Art of Porto Santo, Portugal.
2007 - Mural "Caos e Ordem", Tile Museum, Lisbon, Portugal.
2007 - "Lusolounge", Rosalux Gallery, Berlin, Germany.